I was surprised that ZDNET has publishes an article about "Torvalds: Retirement won't see death of Linux". Don't they know what open source is all about?

The great benefit of open source is that it doesn't depend on one supplier whether it is a person, a group or a company. therefore if this supplier retires anyone who have an interest in the project can take it and keep it alive. Open source have only four simple rules, is it so hard to remember?

Therefore open source project need not die!

However, it still can, like in the case of Xara.

Xara is a bad example for a company which tried to go open source and ended up killing its product. It released its commercial vector graphic software as open source, but, unfortunately, despised its community. Xara kept 10% of the software in a commercial licensee that the community didn't like. Xara ignored the requests for releasing the remaining code, and after a while, the community developers left the project to other projects. When Xara finally released the code completely. no one from the community was left, and the project died. After that, Xara closed the software again since it didn't get any benefit from the community.

My belief is that if the Xara software was unique in its field, the community would only fork it and continue without the endorsement of the founder company.

Linux has a huge community of developers and contributors. So it would be unlikely if development on it would completely halt, because there are many potential volunteers.

פברואר 4th, 2008Everything is a Geil

Wonder what is the most used in German?

That is Geil! (which mean horny byStardict)

Some British soldiers like this word a lot and dedicate a special song for it…

תמהים מה המילה הנפוצה ביותר בגרמניה?

המילה Geil (שמשמעותה חרמן לפי Startdict)

כמה חיילים בריטים שעזבו את הבסיס שלהם בגרמניה אהבו את המילה הזו, והקדישו לה שיר מיוחד:

ההודעה כפולה באנגלית ובעברית כדי שהחבר הגרמני שלי יוכל לקרוא.

The post write in English and Hebrew so my German friend could read it.

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